Pet Photography in Brisbane

Our pets are our family. They mean the world to us and they are such an important part of our lives, so it’s no wonder that many pet owners decide to have pet photography done.

While you probably have plenty of photos of your kitty cat or pooch on your phone, none of those photos will compare to high-quality photographs captured by a professional. Not only will they be crisper and clearer than any photo you’ve taken before, but they will also capture the true personality and essence of your precious pet.

With a focus on creating images that stimulate the imagination and refresh the spirit, only a Brisbane photographer from Essence of Time can capture true authenticity in a photograph – even when that photograph is of your pets!

Our Pet Photography Services

Pet Portraits

There are a number of techniques we may make use of to come up with the best pet portraits. Sometimes it’s about tempting your furry friend with a delicious treat to keep them still and ensure their eyes are pointing in the right direction. We might also do the same thing with a ball or a toy. It will all depend on your dog or cat and what will work best for them. However we do it, we promise that the end result will be a portrait that will look just as good if not better than a human one.

Candid Pet Photography

What we love most about our pets is the unique quirks and personality they portray on a daily basis, and the best way to capture that is through candid photography. To do this, we take photos of your pets while they play, explore, chill out or follow your commands. Whatever natural state you would like the photographs in, we can make it work.

Pet and Owner Photography

Display the love and connection you share with your pet by taking a portrait photograph with your furry friend. Sit your dog or cat in your lap and give them a big hug as you pose for your portrait photo. Or if you prefer something more care-free, we can take a more subtle approach to capture a candid moment. However you wish to take photos with your furry friend, we want that love and adoration to shine right through the photograph.

Pets We Photograph

While we usually photograph dogs and cats, if there are any other types of pets you wish to have professional photos of, including horses, birds, guinea pigs and more, we’re happy to cater to you. If you consider them to be part of your family, we can capture them so you can own an everlasting memory of what they mean to you.

Ready to discuss how we can capture the energy, beauty and love of your precious pets? Call 1300 722 375 to book a Brisbane pet photography session with us on a day and time that suits you.

Essence of Time Photography

There is only one photographer in Brisbane you should choose. Life is short, have fun.

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